n. & v.
1 a violent collision, impact, tremor, etc.
2 a sudden and disturbing effect on the emotions, physical reactions, etc. (the news was a great shock).
3 an acute state of prostration following a wound, pain, etc., esp. when much blood is lost (died of shock).
4 = electric shock.
5 a disturbance in stability causing fluctuations in an organization, monetary system, etc.
1 tr. a affect with shock; horrify; outrage; disgust; sadden. b (absol.) cause shock.
2 tr. (esp. in passive) affect with an electric or pathological shock.
3 intr. experience shock (I don't shock easily).
4 intr. archaic collide violently.
Phrases and idioms:
shock absorber a device on a vehicle etc. for absorbing shocks, vibrations, etc. shock-brigade (or -workers) a body of esp. voluntary workers in the USSR engaged in an especially arduous task. shock stall excessive strain produced by air resistance on an aircraft approaching the speed of sound. shock tactics
1 sudden and violent action.
2 Mil. a massed cavalry charge. shock therapy (or treatment) Psychol. a method of treating depressive patients by electric shock or drugs inducing coma and convulsions. shock troops troops specially trained for assault. shock wave a sharp change of pressure in a narrow region travelling through air etc. caused by explosion or by a body moving faster than sound.
shockable adj. shockability n.
Etymology: F choc, choquer, of unkn. orig.
n. & v.
—n. a group of usu. twelve corn-sheaves stood up with their heads together in a field.
— arrange (corn) in shocks.
Etymology: ME, perh. repr. OE sc(e)oc (unrecorded)
n. an unkempt or shaggy mass of hair.
Etymology: cf. obs. shock(-dog), earlier shough, shaggy-haired poodle

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